1. Secret Beach || Sarah

    14 Aug 2018

    Nusa Lembongan is a very small island off the Southeast coast of Bali. It was fairly secluded and majority of it is untouched, which made it an incredibly beautiful place. That was where I met Sarah.  We met up on a beach in front of a restaurant where she took…

  2. Waiting || Danika

    06 Apr 2018

    Model: Danika  MUA: Sulah  Sulah had this concept of a “waiting for someone who’s not coming” type of vibe. Something dark and moody, with candlelights and silhouettes. Once she had Danika onboard to model, they reached out to me to help bring this concept to fruition.  Its fun collaborating with…

  3. Music to my ears || Alexa

    21 Feb 2018

    This shoot with Alexa was my second one at this location (shoutout to Mike!) for that day. I was looking to fill a spot last minute and thankfully Alexa came through! This was the first look we came up with. Lighting was not ideal, especially since I opted out of…

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