Tennis match || Shayna

I’ve been wanting to shoot at a tennis court ever since I first saw a renovated blue court a couple years ago. I mentioned the idea to Shayna and of course she was down. We put an outfit together, picked up some tennis balls and rackets and headed out. We definitely played a couple matches after the shoot too. She killed it… the shoot, not the match… 

I love shooting outside, even if the lighting is always changing due to various clouds in the sky. Keeps you on your game, so to say. It forces you to adjust your combo of shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. I always shoot in manual mode, so adjusting and playing around with these settings are natural to me - but sometimes it results in some photos varying in exposure and temperature. 

This is exactly what happened during this shoot. You’ll notice some photos are slightly warmer and have a bit more contrast than others. To be honest, I preferred when it was sunny and no clouds - no diffusion of light. I think the warmer, harsher source of light fit the vibe of shoot we were going for. 

What do you think?

Check it out below. 

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